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Self-taught artist

I'm a Helsinki-based self-taught visual artist, also working as an occupational therapist.​ Throughout my life I have been drawing and painting for my own pleasure, but in recent years I established NärhiArt as my side business.

I mostly paint portrait and
landscape paintings with oil and acrylic paint.
The mysterious, even surreal atmosphere in my artwork will leave the viewer with many thoughts.

I often see and imagine beauty that I want to form on canvas, which I recreate into a balanced yet visually arresting result. Sometimes words are not enough to describe how something feels. Each painting has its own story – the expression is always revealed, whether it’s in those vivid colors, the lightness of movement,
or the intense stare of a portrait.

To me, painting means self-reflection
and space to think about the world that we live in.

It is a way of learning and staying curious.

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